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What did your stay at Messen mean for your artistic work?
Since I came back to Spain from Messen in December 2011 I have been painting winter landscapes inspired in my trip.

What were the results?
I have had some gorgeous results. I think that collection has been one of the best I have ever painted in my career. These pictures had been showed for four month in one of the best place in the city of Valencia – Spain, the place is called Centro del Carmen, and recently one of this pictures has won the gold metal in one of the most prestigious prizes that take place in Spain; It is called: 75 International Price of Picture and Sculpture of Valdepeñas, Spain.

What, if it did, did your stay mean for you in your artistic work and development?
I think that was a wonderful experience to visit Messen and travel around Norway in that season, I live in a mediterranean area and the stay in Norway in winter was wonderful;   the pictures I have painted since I return at home are amazing and  I hope some day to have the  opportunity to return there.

What did your stay do for your knowledge of Hardanger and Norway?
When I stayed In Norway I had the opportunity to visit some cities, museums and art galleries, so I could see the old and modern art of Norwegian painters. Also  I had the  opportunity to travel around Norway and enjoy the landscapes, I stayed  in Norway in winter because I wanted to see the country in that season.

How has the stay influenced your contact with other artists?
The time I spend on the house  I had the opportunity to know some artist, some of them are Norwegian and others are from different countries, It was wonderful to get to know new artists and their works.


Calo Carratalá (Spain), stayed in Messen in 2011