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What did your stay at Messen mean for your artistic work?
A concentrating time very usefull and a joy to be in such studio which is just looking on the fjord. I lived with the fjord.

What were the results?
please see PDF .alvik_event02

What, if it did, did your stay mean for you in your artistic work and development?
I hope to be able to come back to Norway and to continue the process of working about the north part.

What did your stay do for your knowledge of Hardanger and Norway?
I met a lot of people from Alvik in the cafeteria and have a lot of discussions about Norway. (social life, politic, history, fishing…). The people were very kind to me.

How has the stay influenced your contact with other artists?
I had a very good contact with the other artist and I follow them on facebook

I stayed a month in Alvik, a village of 700 inhabitants perched on the edge of the Hardanger Fjord, 100km from Bergen, Norway. It was winter – there was much rain, a little snow. I became fascinated by the daily variations in the landscape’s primary elements of rock, sky, and sea. From one moment to the next the weather’s whims brought out a whole new visual spectrum, sometimes minimal, sometimes complex, making rock liquid, water solid or sky monumental. Each new day the dreamlike images were re-invented, abandoned by humankind. I tried to capture the timelessness of these majestic mutations. I concentrated on a relatively small portion of the landscape so that the full effect of the variations could be felt. At the heart of overreaching cosmic rythms, I wanted to create miniature portraits of frozen time.
The musicality of these images was not lost on classical pianist Anne Joly, who has responded with a work of improvisation and spontaneous composition.
We decided to create a collaboration in the style of a silent film, a film dedicated to contemplation, with each image viewed to the accompaniment of live music.

Carol Müller (Paris, France) stayed in Messen for one month in 2012