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During my period of residency in Messen I had the time and the perfect environment for my creations to develop.
The possibility to have a large and sunny studio space has been very important for me.
I found myself very comfortable and the view I had from my window made me feel peaceful and in the right mood for the creation and for my researches.

Having the possibility to walk in the beautiful Hardanger nature allowed me to feel relaxed and my drawings have been inspired by the landscapes, by the trees and by the animals.

The first result of my staying at Messen is a series of drawings based on nature.
I’ve also started a research about Hardanger traditional embroideries for Bunad that I’m thinking to connect to a wider project related to textile art and traditional norwegian carpets.

My residency period at Messen has been very important because helped me to be in touch with my work as an artist. Is not so easy to have some quality time and space to dedicate to art in a busy working week.
Nevertheless Messen allowed me to get to know interesting visual artists and put me into the perspective of a writer and a poet which was a totally new point of view for me. Messen has been the perfect place to let new artistic friendships grow.
I came to Norway one year ago and being in Messen helped me a lot to practice my norwegian.
I discovered a different part of the country (I’m living in Stavanger) and I could visit the very interesting rope walk workshop in the Hardanger Fartøyvernsenter and the land art exhibition Mellom Himmel og Fjord. I Had the possibility to meet norwegian artists and to become acquainted with their way of expression.

jelly-losIt has been very good to live together with other artist and to share common spaces like the kitchen where we liked to cook together and to have some quality time chatting about our work as artists and our lives in general.
This has been very helpful and really interesting for me.
I’ve learned a lot from different experiences and from different ways to approach life and creation.


Elena Redaelli (Italy, lives and works in Stavanger, Norway) stayed at Messen in juli/August 2014.