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My participation in the Messen Project is from the start of the project in 2007.
I was an artist in residence there for 3 month in 2011.

My stay was wonderful for my artistic production and the people in Messen were also wonderful and helpful for me. I like to see them again and like to come again.

My work was at that time in development from 3 dimensional to 2 dimensional and from paper to textile. So, I start working in Messen especially with textile.

I developed in Messen the technique of punching and I am still going on with that.
At that time I was not be able to show more than little works of experience before I went home, but at home I got directly a possibility to present the project in PuntWG  in Amsterdam, which was successful in notice of my work.


So, my full results of my stay came after returning to my studio.
I have been showing my works now in different galleries in Amsterdam and the province of Friesland. The last two exhibitions in July and one in August were in Amsterdam.

And I sold a lot, what is special in crises time.
I am still working with architecture and textiles/paper. I use maps of city planners, sea maps and ground plans of cathedrals.

Maryan stayed for 3 months in Messen in 2011.