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My stay at Messen was a meeting with myself, learning and reflection of my life experiences, a quiet place, peace and
concentration. Meeting new artists, sharing excursions ( route Krossfuru) to learn about landscape contact with nature..

Work in Progress
( Example, see Krossfuru travel folder – Book-mountain. That give life to the leaves of the book found at the end of the route.)
I’m still in the creative process, riding the videos made, photographs etc. ..
Work began in Alvik, continued in Nelimarkka Museum-Finland and it has opened doors for me, in November to begin the work in progress in the artist residence Van Gogh in Zundert, Holland.
The experience helped me to put into practice an installation relating nature, architecture + organic materials.

At the same time, I participated in Museum of Contemporary Art,Valencia, Spain. “Sustratos”, from 28 November 2013 to 23  February 2014.  www.ivam.es and www.ivam.es/catalogopdf ( catalog online)
I recieved a scholarship promoting contemporary art from the Ministry of Culture of Spain, to continue my professional and research career.
“ Ayudas PROMOCIÓN ARTE CONTEMPORÁNEO, to Artist Residency in Norway, Ministerio de Cultura de España”.
Messen ment also progress in my career, personal development. An important part to develop creativity and imagination, and personal research. All these experiences I implement them this year I stayed at Messen. THAT MOMENT OF REST, A PAUSE , THOUGHTS, DREAMS

hutEvery corner was a place of learning and research, experimentation.
A place I’d go back. Knowing the place, feel the space, walk every day, take pictures, videos, outings, travel
…Learn their culture.

It has contributed grow as a person and ar/st. I maintain contact with the artists I’ve met during my stay. We have learned from each other, learned about German culture, Austria and the Netherlands and Norway. A rich experience professionally. Keep in touch in the future.

search-norway pdf

Paola stayed for 3 months in Messen in 2012.