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My stay at Messen allowed me the time, space and inspiration to develop new ideas and
processes in my practice. To have a large studio space, quiet and beautiful surroundings, and
fellow artists to discuss your work with is a real luxury, and very beneficial to making work.
Messen provided a very inspirational and supportive environment in which to make work
and share it with others.

During my stay at Messen I worked on creating a series of paintings, drawings and books
responding to the Norwegian landscape and the experience of walking in this environment.
My intention was to focus on expanding my painting practice into other areas, and I spent
much of my time at Messen writing and playing around with bringing text into my work in a
more visual way.

The time and space I was given at Messen allowed me to be more free in my ways of
working, to try out different mediums and ideas away from the pressures of everyday life. I
am currently continuing the work that I started at Messen and it is evolving into a larger









As I spent a lot of my time exploring the local area and walking I got to know the
surrounding landscape very well. I feel in my time there I gained an intimate knowledge of
Hardanger and a real insight into Norwegian life. It was a great experience to live among a
small community, to meet local people and to explore the surrounding areas in such depth.

I have kept in touch with many of the artists I met during my stay, both international and
local. It was great to meet such a mix of people from all over the world; writers, visual
artists and musicians. I learnt so much from being around such a wide range of practices.

Rhiannon Inman-Simpson  (Great Britain, lives and works in Bergen. At the moment she is studying for her master degree at the Art academy in Bergen) She stayed 2 month in Messen  together with Pete Hillstrom in 2014