What did your stay at Messen mean for your artistic work?
Messen gave me the supported opportunity to develop a series of new compositions in relative calm.
A very productive period working on new sounds and graphic design.

What were the results?
The period of time in Alvik resulted in collaborations in Bergen.
When knowing I would be based at Messen for a month I wrote to galleries and arts organisations in Bergen that I thought shared an ethos of practice.
Through this I met Sturla Heggdalsvik who invited my to perform some of the music I had written at a Proverommet evening as well as showing a new text work made specifically for the Kunst hall entrance space.

What, if it did, did your stay mean for you in your artistic work and development?
It meant time. Time to engage with work on a daily basis away from a highly distracted London life.
Meeting people such as Bjorn Otto and the house mates Katy, Hannah, Mark and Anne mattered alot also
The human engagement that occurs during the residency shouldn’t be overlooked.
new friends are more important than new art !

What did your stay do for your knowledge of Hardanger and Norway?
A lot ! I had only been to Bergen once but had spent time in the surrounding Scandonavian countries
The environment shifted from intense sunshine to mists covering snow over night.
I rented a car and drove around to the towns and villages in the area discovering jazz festivals, modernist architecture, giant trolls.
The Hardanger fiddle i already knew about but it was lovely to hear coming from Knut’s rehearsal space in Messen.
The best bus drivers in Europe ! Managing the winding beautiful mountain road to Bergen with authority and speed.
I would add one negative – which is the cost of living. I think if possible a budget for food would be highly appreciated.
And – the people are kind, generous and willing to welcome and engage with the creative strangers coming to town.
Messen is a an incredibly valuable source of interaction and alternative experience for the residents of a town lacking in things to do.

How has the stay influenced your contact with other artists?
I’ve stayed in contact with Katy and Hannah and hope to meet up for a beer and perhaps generate projects in the future.
I also intend to work with Bjorn Otto on music projects that we commenced during jams in his studio during my time in Alvik.
I have also stayed in contact with sturla and hope to work more with him in the future.

All the best from London


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